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The musical approach was manifested very early and chose the piano as his instrument. Followed by maestro Lucio Caputo has launched the first knowledge and learning of this classic instrument. Later he began to approach even the jazz language followed by several teachers including Renato Chicco and Michele Di Martino, the American pianist P.Madsen, Andrea Beneventano and continued to deepen the knowledge of classical piano with Enrico Salvatore Orlando and Fagnoni. The musical growth was also fueled by the participation in various courses / seminars, like the CPM of Siena with pianist M.Grossi, Jazzinty with J.Bergonzi and Renato Chicco, the course of ADM with pianist Nunzio Rossi, Tuscia in Jazz with George Cables. After earning a degree in Business Administration decides to take an academic-musical. After obtaining the three-year licensing of music theory, brilliantly follows the three-year and the biennium jazz at the “N.Sala of Benevento both with 110 and praise, as well as following the two-year course of classical harmony (old system) with the M ° R. Gaudiello. Then follows a course well and concludes sound design Midiware / Steinberg in Rome.

He has played with various local groups pursuing different musical styles, from rock to pop, funk and jazz. Still it plays in different formations as driven by the desire to experience different kinds; also played with toy instruments Playtoy Orchestra performing in various festivals and international cultural programs televisivi.Ha occasionally played with Chuck Findley, Claudio Fasoli, Pietro Condorelli, Rick Margitza, Luca Aquino, Aldo Bassi, Fabrizio Bosso, Rheinard Grube, Ack Van Roojen , and many others.

Frequently has been, and still is, the activity in the recording, producing records for several labels (Idyllium, Splasch, Videoradio, Universal), collaborating with various artists including l.Aquino trumpeter, guitarists G.Francesca, Gio Gentile, the Swedish guitarist M.Petterssonn bandleader Human Cometh, guitarist Californian D.Wright (S.Francisco), the Californian drummer Bill Ray (S.Diego) and other.Recently he has made new songs in pop / rock, and music documentaries for both promo videogames.

He has participated in several radio and television programs at the RAI in Rome and various local cultural and national in Rome (Villa Celimontana, Sessa Jazz), Genoa (Ancient courtyards and young talents II), Messina (Premio naz.delle arts), Bologna (arts Festival), Island of Elba (Mediterranean jazz festivals), Naples (Hard Days), Frosinone (Festival of the Conservatives), Avellino (White Night), Benevento (Vinalia, Four Nights and More, raids, reverbs, I Laughing face, 24hBasket, Jazz Night in Arcadia, etc ….) and Europe (Casa da Música in Porto, cultural Center of Belem, Marseille, Nice, Graz, Tirana, ..). He won a scholarship for “Tuscia in Jazz 2013”. With the room’s Quartet won first prize in the “National Prize of the Arts” jazz section VI edition. It ‘came in first place with the band “Free Step” at the Festival of Arts in Bologna, the Jazz in 2010.