“Phonograph Team Project” is a modern instrumental electronic/jazz/rock/fusion quartet consisting of members:

DV Wright (California, US) – Guitar
Tommaso Monopoli (Rome, Italy) – Drums
Gianluca Grasso (Italy) – Keyboards
Rob Glass (Vancouver BC, Canada) – Bass
and Honorary member Don Kennedy (Arkansas, US) – Audio Engineering

Phonograph Team Project, or PTP exists currently as a ‘virtual’ or online band, collaborating online, PTP have never actually physically met or played together in the same room. They all initially met online via a social networking site for musicians and as of 2016 have recorded two albums together. Their first album “3 Steps to 4” was well received and included videos of each musician’s musical performance per track. Their second album, Morph, was also well received. They have received study ongoing support and streams at Sonic Universe (SomaFM.com)

Phonograph Team Project Youtube Channel